Windows 8 - Windows for Dummies?

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Re: Windows 8 - Windows for Dummies?

Postby oldwarbler » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:48 pm

Robbon44 - These days home-user PC Linux is very easy to use - there are free programs for the 2-4 year-olds - simple games, Tux click-colour, so on - so most older kids or adults shouldn't have any problems doing their everyday things.

The Distro (version of Linux) I've used for the last 6+ years, is particularly easy to use. If you can find your programs, internet, mails, so on - in the Win2k or XP 'classic mode' Menus - you'd be quite at home on this PC.

All Linux Distros install with a lot of ready-to-go programs already included - if your internet is connected to your PC, modem turned on - you're on internet in a few clicks. Easier than with XP. (Can't compare with later Windows I haven't used.)

Almost all Distros have good user Forums - the PCLOS (PCLinuxOS) I use has a particularly good one - which is very welcoming to New Users.

As for programs - all Distros have an easy-install mode from their Repos (repositories) - and this one uses Synaptic installer/uninstaller with which it is a few clicks to install multiple selections at once (no reboot needed) - to try out... The ones you don't like - just reverse the process... With now over 13,000 programs, tools, utilities, games, etc, in the current PCLOS Repo - it's often a "which suits me best" from several, choice, rather can "can I find something to do this...?"

As for running Windows (or other Linux Distros) inside Linux - quite easy - using Oracle's free (for non-commercial) Virtual-Box. I run Win2k-SP4 and an old non-activation 'Corporate' XP double-updated to SP3 - which opens in 3-clicks to a fully running XP in 7-8 seconds. I've allocated it 1GB RAM to run on, and 256MB Graphics - so it's pretty lively....! See pic - I changed it from fullscreen so you can see it's in Linux. The bottom icon in MyComp is the directory in Linux used for transferring items between the systems. Internet - I.E. or Firefox - works very well from XP, there.

Regards, Dave.

By exwintech at 2012-07-15

Re: Windows 8 - Windows for Dummies?

Postby robbon44 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:58 pm

i am interested....and when i get back from hols i think i need to read up some more...
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Re: Windows 8 - Windows for Dummies?

Postby MrCliff » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:37 am

I'm interested in Win 8 for the security of it. I have not read a single thing except that it shreds files and randomizes the storage of the pieces. Malware trying to install and run in this environment is thwarted- for now. New version of android does the same thing. I searched this thread for Win 8 and light room compatibility. No joy. Where can if find out if LR is OK with Win 8? As I type I'm 405 mb into a 3.3 gig down load.
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Re: Windows 8 - Windows for Dummies?

Postby AnderssonPhoto » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:30 pm

ughh....Windows 8, just another Me or Vista...aka a failure of Microsoft.

its good for tablets.

But I'll never use it for serious use
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