NEED INSIGHT for upgrade from E-510 for Zuiko ED 50-200mm

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NEED INSIGHT for upgrade from E-510 for Zuiko ED 50-200mm

Postby BBailey » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:43 am

What cameras will work well with four-thirds ZUIKO ED 50-200mm (non SWD) lens?
For several years I have been doing a lot of sports photography of my kids, primarily outdoor (soccer, football, surfing), but some indoor (basketball). I have been using the old cheap entry-level Olympus E-510 with a quality ZUIKO ED 50-200mm ED (non SWD). I have money to be able to upgrade the camera…in part because I am way overdue having the freedom to shoot video with the same camera (nearly all have had this for some time) and to gain quality in pictures that I would hope to gain with larger MP sensor and newer processors.
The dilemma is finding any newer camera that will serve the lens well…within a cost that is fitting. There are few (if any) lenses that can compare assume to the lens I have…with 50-200mm zoom that because it is four-thirds is equivalent to 100-400mm…and anything close to that in other format / brand lenses is outside my “enthusiast” appropriate cost. From what I see, my options include:
Using my Zuiko lens on micro 4/3 cameras with adapter not good because they lose most AF functions….likely slower than my current old Olympus E-510.
Could get the older but higher level Olympus E-5 – full size DSLR but is expensive and only offers 12MP, 720 video.
Could get the newer (Oct 2013) Olympus E-M1 – added in phase detection that allows 4/3 lens to work better but is $1300 new for body only….and more profesional level than I need.
Or I could just start over with good enthusiast level Nikon or Canon… but appears getting any comparable lens would be beyond reach.
I REALLY appreciate any perspective or ideas anyone has.
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Re: NEED INSIGHT for upgrade from E-510 for Zuiko ED 50-200m

Postby Bob Andersson » Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:32 am

I have the 4/3rds Leica D Vario-Elmar 14mm-150mm f/3.5 - f/5.6 ASPH which is a pretty slow focuser on my E-M5, despite being touted as compatible with the contrast detect focussing on that camera, but much better on my E-M1. However I wouldn't say it was quick, certainly not in comparison to native m4/3rds glass.

How well that experience translates to your 50-200mm I can't say but I'd seriously suggest getting down to your local camera store and testing it out on an E-M1 if you can source an adapter for the day. I have a feeling that you might save yourself an expensive disappointment by so doing.

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Re: NEED INSIGHT for upgrade from E-510 for Zuiko ED 50-200m

Postby BBailey » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:53 am

It has been really helpful to hear from those who have experience with various options.
Thanks to each of you.
It became clear that for my primary goals of 1) capturing family memories...which includes good flexability to have a good pocket camera...and 2) get some quality sports shots with a bit better potential than the E-510 is giving me, and 3) to do so in such a way that I am making good use of the Zuiko 50-200 lens and not getting too invested yet in one direction...
I have purchased a used E-30 that some have said will bring better results than the E-510...and cost just $280...and plan to get the latest compact P&S Lumix ZS50 for getting some fun video on the fly...including slow-motion / high speed.
Part of this reason was that the E-M1... would have been too much cost given that it is only decent with the AF for this lens...and still only has decent video. It appears that Olympus may finally be showing some interest in video by what was in the new E-M5II....but that does not help with by 4/3 lens. If I can eventually find a lens with equal potential that is affordable...I will likely then shift to whatever format will serve that going forward.
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