Olympus STYLUS 1 preview

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Olympus STYLUS 1 preview

Postby MarioV » Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:24 pm

Thanks for the Preview.

The Stylus 1 sounds good but would have preferred at least 25mm at the wide end.
Not having a 1080p50/60 video option is silly imho.

But its good to offer competition with a 1/1.7" large pocket zoom.

I think Olympus should also offer at a FZ200/RX10 sized "Stylus 10" camera that offers say a 25-500mm 1/1.7" sensor with constant f/2.8 super zoom.

I hope other camera makers start thinking along these lines too.
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Re: Olympus STYLUS 1 preview

Postby Desertsky » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:53 am

I have an XZ2 already but may also get the Stylus 1. Not sure. I would envision using it on the ski slopes and family snapshots on travel, including some indoor shots. It is a big deal for it to fit in a jacket pocket.

I also have a Canon SX40 and have used my sisters Panasonic FZ200 a lot. Also a Canon SX260 and Sony HX20. So I am kind of done buying cameras with the smaller sensors. What makes the Stylus worth getting is the larger sensor. And the very good Olympus colors.

I am an optical engineer so I am very aware how image quality suffers when too much zoom range is required in a compact design. The zoom they have will cover 95% of situations I would expect to be using this camera in.
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