Trying the video game...

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Trying the video game...

Postby popo » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:35 pm

Is anyone around to read things here any more? :)

At some point earlier this year I decided it would be a good idea to jump on the youtube video bandwagon myself. I don't see myself a a vlogger, but I do buy more than a fair amount of tech goods so thought I'd go about reviewing some of it. For obvious reasons I'll never compete with the big guys on the latest expensive stuff, but could there be enough of a niche for the possibly overlooked normal stuff?

So, basic plan: make videos, stick on youtube, watch advertising income roll in. I'm not expecting to give up my day job from doing this, or that it will necessarily even go anywhere, but it is something new to play with.

I have a bunch of video capable DSLRs. Easy right? It was, apart from lighting, sound, cameraman and presenter. I had to be all of those at the same time. I bought and borrowed all sorts of stuff and didn't have what I'd consider good quality sound when I bought a Rode VideoMic Pro. My attempts at cheaper solutions all failed. Then last night I also failed as I forgot to turn the mic on when doing an unboxing/review. As I was using two cameras at the same time, at least the other one had on board sound so not all was lost. Then again, that one shut off a bit early at the end as I forgot to empty the cards from earlier tests and it had filled up. So, some very noob mistakes going on still.

Lighting for now consists of two softboxes I bought ages ago. They still don't seem quite bright enough, in that I'm finding I need ISO1600 to shoot 1/50s (25fps) f/8. Not sure what to do there, as the DSLRs do show some colour noise at that level. I haven't looked at video NR at all yet.

Lens wise what I have isn't ideal either. My widest prime for full frame is 35mm which actually works out just about ok in the workspace I have. I used the 15-85 on APS-C where wider is needed, but the "distortion" from wide angle means I have to use that very carefully. I'm tempted to look at a 24-xx for full frame as I always wanted one for stills also. The f/4L seems interesting in that respect.

It is a bit of a cliché but I also got a video head for those smooth pans, used here to make close up product shots look less boring, and also avoiding the "slow zoom into a still" effect which I hate, almost as much as the fake 3D of 2D picture that seems to be in fashion also.

On the software side I bought NCH Videopad as it is one I used before, and is low cost. That didn't stop them from changing the interface since I last used it of course...

Due to various mistakes, problems, and just me being rubbish, I've part shot 3 videos so far and haven't finished any of them... this might take some time to get anywhere. I really hope with experience I can cut down on the setup times and spend more on recording and editing.

So... its been perhaps a couple months since I started with any seriousness and I've yet to upload my 1st video. I still think quality sucks, but I'm reaching the point where I think I have to run with what I have since this is not and will not be a full time job with other staff that I would need to make this the quality I think I want. Oh, in stills photography, I'm still stuck in the "everything sucks" phase. How many decades is it supposed to last?
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