Wich radio trigger for nissin flash?

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Wich radio trigger for nissin flash?

Postby michael_g » Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:36 am

I have a nissin di866 II and a canon 430 flash
And Im looking for a radio trigger for my flashes, and I have no experience with triggers, only with using my flash as a master for another flash.
People write a lot about Pocetwizards, but they are really expensive, and their plus III at 150 USD don't even support TTL. I don't use TTL much, but at that price I think I deserve it
So I've been looking at Pixel King but there are apparently some compatibility problems with using them in manual mode.
I really like my nissin flash, much better than the canon flash, its menus are much more intuitive, so I'd rather not use canons flashes. I have thought about getting another nissin flash and use it as a master, but it does get a bit heavy and bulky. And even though I've never had problems with using IR, I'm actually quite impressed by it, there are a few times it doesn't fire.

So anyone who have experience with radio triggers for nissin flashes?

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