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Re: October 2013 Assignment - Comments & Questions

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:49 am
by Bob Andersson
Many thanks. It is a bit of a bitter-sweet image for me as I learnt just how much effort it takes to produce such a result - ten nights out of bed observing and weeks at the computer processing. I'm immensely pleased with it but, despite its warm reception here, it has attracted very few comments on the more specialist forums, presumably because of my non-standard colour palette. While I don't do astrophotography in order to receive public approbation it has been disheartening, to the point where I haven't imaged since the summer, but I feel a little re-energised now so once the Moon is out of the way I think it is time to reboot with something a little less ambitious in terms of time needed. :)