Help needed with Lighting for Home Studio

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Help needed with Lighting for Home Studio

Postby sasfashion » Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:03 pm

Hi, would really appreciate some help in purchasing a lighting kit. Our budget is around £300. Lighting kit would be used for taking still shots of womens clothing on a Mannequin (for our Ebay shop) and possibly on a model later. The photo-studio room is 10ft x 10ft in size. We are using a standard camera IXUS 125 HS for still shots on a tripod.

So far we have been recommended the following: ... 27d87aad4a

Would this be the best option in terms of lighting impact and price? I guess the main objective is to get plenty of lighting both on the subject as well as the backdrop for a clear images.

Also is there a particular type of white backdrop paper/sheet which will give us the best results?

I would appreciate any advice and if required we are willing to increase our Budget of £300.

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