Nikon D80 user review (11 months experience)

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Nikon D80 user review (11 months experience)

Postby Dirk » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:42 pm

Well here is mine user review of the Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera and nikon nikkor af-s 18-105 dx ed vr swm aspherical if f3.5-5.6g.

This is a great camera but like most it is not perfect. I have it now for over 11 months and shot a lot of images (approx 1500) in that time so i guess i can say i am getting to know it pretty well

first my pro points
- light
- lot of features
- interchangeable lenses with my D50
- 10Mp
- in camera edit (do not use it often )
- sotch are pretty good most of the time

negtaive points
. a lot meore optons than a D70 or D50 (you get confused some times )

the body weighs light and feels good in my medium sized hands
since i happen to have a small neurological handycap i need camera 's or lenses with anti shake . the darn thing iss that vr lenses are not cheap , but thay offer value for money

One feature i like is the My Menu option, you can un list features you do not use or nly have to set once

it is a very nice camera but i wished it had better noise handeling
my D50 has less niose at 1600 iso than the D80 at 800 iso .

the camera is most of the time in vivid mode or own settings

Postby Dave16 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:13 pm

Thanks for your post on the D80. It is an old design now but still one of the best cameras for the money (used, of course). Noise is a problem and i have yet to find a software programme that does a good job of reducing or eliminating it. I use Elements 7 but am not happy with the noise reduction feature. It alters the colour balance too much so you get into a long cycle of adjustments to colour, contrast and just about everything else. I tend to just use the camera in good lighting conditions and never above ISO 800 if the conditions are not too good. If I need to then I use a tripod and set the ISO to 200 and use the remote release. It is rare I shoot in this mode though.

Postby Razvan » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:27 pm

I love the D80 & I am pleased that I chose this camera in the past over less-featured & plastiky models from other brands. However,I feel limited by it,in the present. I can't shoot ISOs over 400,the focus is not amazing,like the higher end cameras have (& that I really need) & of course,I need a bigger camera,with a grip(complete with focus joystick),for better ergonomy purposes.
I am heading in the professional direction with my editing/retouching & I feel the need of a better camera & a better all-around lens. Soon,I think I'll buy the 35mm F/1.8,because of it's brilliant optical performances. The list continues with a better camera.

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