bought olympus 5Dii As Gorden said its better than GX80 i th

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bought olympus 5Dii As Gorden said its better than GX80 i th

Postby contrast » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:32 pm

I bought my sony Nex 5 the Nex 6 as it then got good reviews both are good but the lens choice was/ is awfull to big heavy & EXPENSIVE i found i used the 16mm as its compact,the 18-55 from time to time 16-50 never nor the awful 30mm macro

When i wanted a good image i used my Leica lenses.BUT i found even using f2 or f1.4 the shutter speed often fell to 25th even with 1600asa why i cant say but the same images taken with my M2 or F1 red dial were sharper even with 40 asa formapan :shock: when using B&W as color film always comes back with empty highlights.

I looked at the A7 with anti waggel but didnt like it nor the even bigger heavier & vastly over priced lenses ditto the new 6500 all cost far to much,

Would have bought am M9 for 1000€ waited half a year for the new sensor(then i can use my super angulon :D ) instead i came hear and read that you still recommand MFT.I hated the idea of 16mpix and tiny sensor but as i read your advice again i decided and today bought the OM 5 mk2 with a12-50 lens and two adapters for my LM38 & M lenses. I HOPE your advise still stands as you now use Fuji :shock: :roll:

I hope my 75mm Summilux will work well on the MFT?? as its f1.4 with anti waggel i hope to get crisp results at 200asa

Which wide angle should i buy??yes i have read what you have said but i dont want to spend more on another lens than paid for the camera i would like a 21--24--28mm so 10--12--14mm :shock:

what would you suggest as the best not too expensive lens sigma???Perhaps?? I hope my summilux and summicron 50mm with be ok for 40mpix images???

I had though about the excellent Panasonic GX80 but didnt really like it and from what you said im better off paying a bit more

I want to do more video :roll: would love the 4k 4K clips and many other things but i bought the Olympus :D Which program can i put on my tablet(Droid) or laptop (MS) to make time laps clips run faster
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