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Loxley Colour - UK Online Printing

Postby Bob Andersson » Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:51 am

Hi folks,

No, I haven't started spamming but I thought it might be helpful for those based in the UK to get some feedback about Loxley Colour. Bottom line is that I'll use them again!

They have a Java app that you can download after you create your account which allows you to directly submit your image as well as specify paper type, mounting options and, of course, size. With some trepidation I ordered a 24" x 24" print of this image specifying metallic paper (Kodak Professional VC paper - this is a photographic paper, not an Inkjet print) and card mounting. The order went in late on Tuesday with the app swallowing the 5MB source file without missing a beat, was processed and dispatched yesterday (Wednesday) and arrived today incredibly well protected from the vagaries of the mail service. I'm absolutely delighted with the result with what might have proved a challenging image and, as an aside, it proved to be a good validation of my monitor's calibration. 8)


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