Lighf room 3 to Flickr to Android

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Lighf room 3 to Flickr to Android

Postby flashollie » Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:43 pm

Hi All
I have slowly been working through my images discarding the junk and creating collections and picks with in those etc in lightroom 3. Not something I really enjoy as I spend most day in front of a pc at work. I rarely do any enhancment expect for the really good compstion unless a freind want an image for something.

I do prefer taking the shot rather than editing and I rarely look at my images but for the few I have printed out on the wall or imediatley after the shoot which is often a day out or holiday sat round the laptop with the family..

So I thought go down the flickr route to also share them with family and friends and perhaps view them more myself.
Getting them from LR to Flickr seems very straight forward.
Is this the easiest best option for free online displays when using LR? Should I consider anything else?

Has anyone put the flickr app on their android device so they can show friends their pics when down the pub etc. Ok its only a 4.6 inch screen but seems an obvious easy step. But the reports reviews of the Flickr app are not great.

Anyone care to share their expernces of light room flickr and android?

Many thanks

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