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Repairing/Refurbishing/Refilling Fluid Tripod Head Question

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:33 am
by DualPlatform
First and foremost I am a novice photographer and father just hoping to capture my children as they continue to grow much too quickly. So money goes to dance class tuition before my gear budget.

As the subject states, I am wanting to repair my old tripod head which I believe is a Weifeng WT-009H, that came with my Fancier FT-6303 tripod about 10 years ago. All in all the tripod has been solid for my uses. The head worked well and still does for stills however for video with my T3i + 55-250IS II lens it has become a bit jerky in the tilt area. I believe the fluid for the tilt portion has dried up. Most certainly the bubble level has dried up and is no longer functional.

Not being shy about dismantling something to fix it, I was wondering if anyone has suggested replacement fluids for camera/video heads? My first guess is something like the grease used for chains and packing ball bearings.

BTW, I do plan on replacing the head a pan tilt head designed for video. If I can fix my current head then that's just a bonus for still shots. If not then nothing lost in trying to repair it. Currently given my ~ $100 budget I'm researching the Varavon 815FH or Fancier FC-02H along with the slew of other rebranded units sold by any number of folks online. For my limited use these have gotten some really good reviews for non-pro work.

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.

Re: Repairing/Refurbishing/Refilling Fluid Tripod Head Quest

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:35 pm
by DualPlatform
Searching some more I found that "fluid" may not be the correct term. Here are a few items that perhaps someone here has used.
    -Manfrotto R116,23 TILT FLUID GREASE
    -PTFE Tri-Flow high performance synthetic grease
    -Waterproof wheel bearing grease for use in boat wheel bearings