High speed technical video examples

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High speed technical video examples

Postby dfodel » Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:24 pm

I just thought I would share some examples of some fairly high-speed video (300-almost 2000 fps) that we shot using an IO Industries CORE DVR and FLARE camera. Granted these are highly specialized pieces of equipment intended for industrial automation and machine-vision applications, but there are solutions out there that are coming down in price and becoming more portable. Another company manufacturing this equipment is Mikrotron with their TS3 line. We do a lot of machine-vision integration and industrial automation work with smart cameras and the like so it's not your typical videography, but I still think many users on this forum might be interested in the results:

http://www.artemisvision.com/services/i ... peed-video

There are examples of a MIG Welder, a plasma cutter and some machine tools at high RPM.
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