First light for the 3 x Sky 90 array

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First light for the 3 x Sky 90 array

Postby cybermystic » Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:23 pm

Two hours setting up and fiddling before imaging started, still not quite got the array tuned yet, but should be done in the next two outings.
Air was full of water vapour last night so it was almost like imaging through fog, water was dripping off the dome the whole time.
Excuses out of the way - this is just 15 x 15-minute subs of the Tarazed/Barnard's "E" region with the mini-WASP array.

ImageTarazed and Barnard's "E" by cybermystic, on Flickr

Nexstar 11 GPS, 2 x Sky 90, M25C, MaximDL, Photshop CS3, Noel Carboni's Photoshop actions, 7 foot Pulsar fibreglass dome, Canon 40D, 100mm macro lens, 28-200mm zoom lens, 17-55mm f#2.8 zoom lens, 100-400mm zoom lens, 1.4x converter, 2x converter.
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Re: First light for the 3 x Sky 90 array

Postby warth man » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:59 pm

You astro folk produce the most amazing images. How small are we?
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