Tamron 500mm Mirror lens advice

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Tamron 500mm Mirror lens advice

Postby dbalsx » Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:17 pm

After a big battle with myself I took the decision to buy a Tamron 500MM f/8 mirror lens used. I had read a lot about the difficulties of manual lens but still I couldn't resist myself from buying it. I don't know much about mounts, thirdparty gears etc. I have always used my Nikon D5100 camera on a Nikon AFS lenses.

Anyway I need some help and guidance from the pro's here please

=> I plan to use it on my Nikon D5100. Tamron is a adaptall2 lens and I need to order an adaptall2 adapter for my Nikon camera. Is this the right one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamron-Adaptall-2-lens-adapter-for-Nikon-N-AI-mount-cameras-/281157117550?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item417645266e

Are there any differences between the cheap $10 ones in ebay vs the slightly expensive $50 tamron original?

=> I'm ok with manual focus and have used M mode before but I keep reading that with this lens my camera won't meter. Is that true? God that would be a nightmare! won't I see the green exposure meter in my viewfinder if I use this lens? will I atleast see the green focus dot on my viewfinder when I focus?

=> Lastly, I want to order a 2x teleconverter. (This may be a stupid question) If possible, I'd like that teleconverter work on this lens as well as my Nikon 70-300mm 4-5.6 VR lens. I was wondering with the adaptall2 mount this lens might look like a lens with Nikon mount and a Kinko 2x teleconverter for Nikon would do. Or should i buy a tamron 2x teleconverter. again... donno which would work for which lens combination.... pls advice.

I have never seen a teleconverter or adaptall2 adapter before.
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Re: Tamron 500mm Mirror lens advice

Postby Thomas » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:17 pm

Hello dbalsx, and welcome to the friendly Camera Labs forum!
To enjoy your stay here please have a look at the house-rules!
Unfortunately I cannot advise you regarding the adapter. I have an adaptall-Nikon adapter but as there are no manufacturer markings on it I'm not sure who built it.
As to exposure-metering: it works on a D300 and a D800 by entering the f-number 8 into the camera. I doubt the D5100 has this capability.
And regarding tele-converters: Yes, the lens "looks" like a Nikon lens mount-wise, but Nikon TCs don't accept every lens: it has to be "TC-enabled". The Kenko TC should have no such trouble, but you have to check whether the front-side of the TC fits into the back-side of the lens without damaging any elements. Better try with extra caution before you buy! I never tried my modfied Nikon 1.7xTC on the 500/8.0 but I doubt that you will be pleased with the optical results.
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