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Is a single thread for each different species a good idea?

Yes, it makes this section more fun and easier to read
No, it is another unnecessary rule at CL
Don't know. Let's discuss this a little further
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Postby Adon » Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:00 am

i think it is better idea.

even in the other topic forums like landscape....

because sometimes a take some photos, and would not ming sharing for CC.... BUT.... i don't really want to start up a thread just for me.

do bring on th sunset thread and the beach thread and the toilet thread...

Postby Ziga » Tue May 25, 2010 2:45 pm

It would be better if they we're more general threads instead of thousands of threads with 5 pics in them.
My idea is:
-Bushes & Trees
-Flying animals (bees, wasps, flys, small birds... they don't need to be in the air)
-Crawling animals (spiders, ants, worms, small reptiles...)
-Human made (mechanical parts, figures...)

Questions, tests and other stuff not covered by these would just have their own threads

Postby EvanK » Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:26 am

Interesting concept, although when I photograph a flower, I photograph a flower. I don't go out and say, "I think that I'll go photograph a tulip today", or "Why, I think that I'll take a picture of that petunia". I have no idea which each species is, I just photograph flowers.

Now, perhaps something like a dragonfly or bee would be more obvious, but I don't know many species.

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Postby SUNR15E » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:25 pm

Having run many forums in the past...(Not Photography).

I have found that the idea although in principle works, after a while, the threads become dead because of their size.

One place for a focused collection of thoughts or in this case pictures become a massive affair that people tend to not want to trawl through.

The benefit of one thread for one picture is each thread can have it's own title composed by the thread author. If that post then draws people in either with it's title or the author's name then it will remain at the top of the list as it is commented upon.

I think the topics you have listed give people a specific place to look for each field of Photography they are looking into.

Looking spacifically at Portrait, people and street photography there are now 28 pages of pictures for people to trawl through. What I would suggest would be an archive section which would not be visible to general member but could be seen by people who joined an archive group. This would take a little setting up but joining a group is easy and the areas within the forum for archives do not then clutter the forum for general members who have no specific desire to look back over pictures posted in 2008. It helps keep the forum fresh and active with the option to drag archive pictures/threads back into the main forum if people ask specific questions and that issue has been covered but archived.

Another factor to consider is....A thread with one or two pictures linked to Flickr or other site takes a few moments to open on the average PC.....but if that same thread hold 20 pictures on the first page alone....opening that page could seriously slow peoples PC's.

I know this thread was started a while ago..Aug 10, 2008...but as it is a Sticky and Does Not seem to have been acted upon I thought I would add my idea to the mix.

As I have no concept of the background runnings of this forum I would simply leave it for those with admin control to talk to me if they want me to expand on my thoughts.

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