Coosing a ring flash? Nissin?

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Coosing a ring flash? Nissin?

Postby michael_g » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:36 am

Do any of you have experience with ring flashes?
Well in the flowers and macro forum I would expect so.
I read this article about ring flashes, and I've tried finding others like it, and on this forum, but this is the best I found

I'm looking for a ring flash for my canon camera, I don't have original canon macro lenses, I have Sigma 150 mm f/2,8 and I want to use it on other lenses as well.
Both for macro and some portraiture

Canon MR-14EX ring flash is expensive and I have to buy addapterrings, if I don't use original canon macro flashes
Nissin MF 18 ring flash is half the price and comes with adapter rings. The specs look ok, and I have Nissin 866 flash already, and I find it very intuitive
Sigma? Metz?

Right now I'm thinking Nissin, but there are tons of others, and I don't know if they are crap or not

Any other thoughts on it?
What do you use?
What would you recommend.

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