Planning a trip or visited anywhere with amazing views?

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Planning a trip or visited anywhere with amazing views?

Postby Gordon Laing » Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:45 pm

Welcome to our Travel photography forum!

This is the place to share and discuss trips, destinations and photography tips, whether you've just returned from an amazing location, or are soon to head off to pastures new.

Whether you're travelling to the other side of the world or have simply spotted some great photo opportunities closer to home, share your experiences and questions here!

To post a photo in this forum, simply make a copy, resize it to max. 1024 pixels wide, save it as a JPEG, then upload it to your own webspace.

Then take the URL (web address) for the photo including http:// and in your post on this forum, type [img]immediately%20before%20the%20URL%20and[/img] immediately afterwards. Don't use any spaces. You can then preview the posting before submitting it to make sure it's worked.

Any inappropriate images will be deleted.

The Camera Labs team.
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Postby Thomas » Fri Aug 10, 2007 5:02 pm

You're very welcome to show/link your photos here.
When you do, please follow these hints/tips:
1. Place your photos somewhere (like flickr, or your own website). You cannot store pictures at the Camera labs website!
2. If you just want to link to your pics, that's easy! Use the following scheme:
or more simple [url=link2pic][u]text[/u][/url]
3. If you want your photo to be displayed in your post with a link to the original, replace the descriptive text by the address for your thumbnail like this:
or more simple [url=link2web][img]link2thumbnail[/img][/url]

Please keep your thumbnails reasonable (max. 1024 pix on each side). Lager thumbnails will be deleted without further warning)
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