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Samsung cameras

PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:42 pm
by Caleb Murdock
I'd like to see more reviews of Samsung cameras. The NX3000 in particular looks very interesting to me.

Another review site rated the NX1000 as producing JPGs with very accurate color reproduction. Since I photograph colorful products, that got me interested in the Samsung brand. Judging from the sample images I have seen, the NX series cameras have very good image quality. Indeed, when I compare images from their cameras with images from Canon, Nikon and Sony, etc., the Samsung images often look cleaner. The NX series of cameras all have 20 MP APS-C sensors, and they are generally less expensive than the more famous brands, so these are serious cameras.

Please don't ignore Samsung any more.

Re: Samsung cameras

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:24 pm
by Gordon Laing
Hi Caleb,

As most of you know, the cameras I review are supplied by the camera manufacturers. There are lots of cameras I'd like to review, but cannot because they are simply not supplied to me. I don't review Pentax or Samsung for that very reason. If they don't send them, I can't test them. So I'm not ignoring them, they're ignoring me!

Anyway, I'm happy you are pleased with your Samsung camera, but I'm afraid I won't be reviewing any of them in the forseeable future, unless they change their policy towards Cameralabs.

On a side-note, I've had to waste some of my holiday time moderating this thread, removing a discussion which quickly went downhill and banning a member. I just want to spend my time reviewing cameras and helping people choose the right product. I'm not interested in getting involved in arguments and I don't have time to diffuse situations. As such, I'm afraid I have to take a zero tolerance to this kind of behaviour and will remove posts or members who can't communicate peacefully. I also encourage our mods to do the same.

Thanks for your support in making this forum a friendly place to discuss camera gear and photography.