The A77II review

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The A77II review

Postby SIM » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:13 pm

Hi everyone, and thank the Camera Labs Team for your great work. I would like to get a camera with a good image stabilization (along with some other features, of course). Unfortunately it is comparatively difficult to find reliable IS tests over the Internet. Even on the same site they can employ different models and other conditions with different cameras. Hence my first wish: could you do some standard IS tests? For the simplicity it could be done handheld (not a mechanical shaker), but with a standard target.
BTW, the same is applicable to the tracking AF performance tests: standard target, light, motion directions (2 or 3) and speeds (several until the camera can not cope). That would be really not that much work.

As to the present preview, I have no way to know whether the image with the IS is soft because of diffraction or it is due to imperfect stabilization. Put another way, can I expect perfectly sharp images at that settings or only #better# than those without the IS? The most obvious way would be to take a standard shot at a high shutter speed. Still better would be to reduce the light and set some f/8. The tests should be performed in the shutter speed range where some reasonable percentage of images are sharp (again, not just #better#).
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