Had a65...traded "up" to a7...wanna trade "down" to a77II

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Had a65...traded "up" to a7...wanna trade "down" to a77II

Postby Argelius » Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:23 pm

I'm a photography buff who is also a gadget nut.

For several years, I had a Sony a65 with 4 lenses (18-50, 18-270, Macro and wide angle). Then I saw all the hoopla over the full-farme a7 and decided to give it a whirl. Given the paucity of native lenses for it, I sold my a65 and purchased a lens adapter (LA-EA4) so I can use my old lenses.

Anyway, after about a year with the a7, I'm having the following thoughts:

[1] The a7 + adapter + lens = a really big camera.

[2] The a7 + lens = still a big camera (not pocketable -- which I never expected).

[3] Probably due to my own lack of knowledge, I haven't really noticed that huge of a low-light performance improvement with the full-frame camera.

[4] The lens selection for the a7 doesn't seem to be expanding much at all.

So, I'm thinking I want to go out and get an a77 II. I know the answer is "it's entirely up to you!", but I'm wondering -- am I being stupid/short-sighted?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: Had a65...traded "up" to a7...wanna trade "down" to a77I

Postby Bob Andersson » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:17 am

Hi Argelius,

The A77 II looks like it will work well for you so why not? 8)

I've had fun changing camera bodies and even (once) camera systems over the years and I've learnt that:

  1. Doing so didn't improve my photography though it was fun.
  2. The lens system you buy into when you choose a body should be a key factor informing that choice.

If buying a new body means you are more likely to shoot some nice photos then go for it. If not then would changing systems be a better long term option or would you be happy just to wait until Sony/Zeiss produce more options for the FE-mount? As you say, "it's entirely up to you!" :lol:

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Re: Had a65...traded "up" to a7...wanna trade "down" to a77I

Postby Argelius » Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:46 pm

Thanks, Bob, for your thoughts. As has subsequently happened between now and when I first posted this, I've come to the resounding conclusion that I'm better off going with the a77ii. It was fun playing with the A7 (and I admit I was drawn to that one only because of the incredible reviews it was receiving when first launched).

Ultimately, you are right -- your lens collection should pretty much drive everything else.

My A77ii arrives today. My a7 will go on eBay tomorrow!

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