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Changing from A-mount to E-mount ot m43 ? --need your opinio

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:25 am
by cybm
Hello all,

I'am a Sony alpha slt-a55 user. When the a55 came into the market, it was new with a nice translucent technology. It was OK for me, with its small size and weight with its features as well. I bought 2 lenses --> Zeiss SAL1680 ZA and a Sony 50mm/f1.4 (both have good IQ for me on this price level). Nowdays I was thinking of buying a tokina 11-16 wide angle lens, but I was also thinking about the future of a-mount....

For me its time to change the a55 body, as the ghost effect on my night pictures can be annoying sometimes and also focus peaking with a better viewfinder would be nice. The issue (for me) is that I can not see any alternative body within the a-mount system. A77 etc. are to big (even the A65 which is not a big step from a55), the a5x series... .well... I can not see any advantage. What would be "perfect for me" is the A6000 which is an e-mount body. In this case I should by an adapter, which is not the perfect solution: I wont have image stabilization anymore (it was built in my a55), I read there is focusing issues sometimes, and well... I loose also light as the adapter has also translucent mirror built into it.

After these thoughts I think I have two options: 1 - sell everything and buy A6000 with e-mount lens (like Zeiss SEL1670Z), and it seems Sony is pushing e-mount things in the future. They are not so heavy and big in sizes, so can be comfortable for me during travelling. 2 - selling everything and buy Olympus m43, and I can sure in the future I wont have to change from one mount to another mount, there are a plenty of m43 good lenses...

What do you thing guys, what would be the smartest step? Anyway I see that I have to change from a-mount (its not realistic that Sony will come up with a mirrorless (like A7) body for a-mount).

Thanks your advices in advence :)

Re: Changing from A-mount to E-mount ot m43 ? --need your op

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:08 pm
by Antony
I moved from A-mount to E-mount when the NEX-7 became available. I did not sell the A-mount lens I have. I use those lenses with adaptor. Not perfect, but butter than nothing.

Currently, E-mount lenses are still not that many to choose from.

Moving from Sony to Olympus? I would suggest you to give the said Olympus camera a good try first.