Sony RX100 III review - official thread!

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Sony RX100 III review - official thread!

Postby Gordon Laing » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:38 pm

Hi everyone, this is the place to discuss the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III!

See my Sony RX100 III review!


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Re: Sony RX100 III review - official thread!

Postby edwarddebruyn » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:52 pm

Thanks for this excellent review. Looking to this website almost every day, very useful information and very complete.
Happy to have the camera and like to play around with it. Had already the RX100m1 but the RX100m3 is far better for general use, viewfinder is sharp and bright indeed. Nice to take with me when it's impossible to take the bigger stuff with me.
Like also the possibility to put some apps in the camera.
But I think I can mention here that it's possible to use the camera while it's charging with an external battery (plugged by micro-USB), also possible with the RX100m1. The battery I'm using is the kind used to charge the iphone or tablet.
That's a real plus for a long timelaps !!!!
Still looking around if this is possible with any other Sony camera, would like to use it on a NEX or Alpha (like the Alpha5100). Would like to have a bigger sensor to use it for time laps recording during the night.
Maybe another brand ?
Any help would be nice.
Until now I don't find much info regarding other camera's with this possibility. Anyone ?

Thanks for any response
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Re: Sony RX100 III review - official thread!

Postby jonpetersen » Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:33 pm

My Lumix LX-7 Died and I was pretty un-impressed with the LX-100 (no built in flash, its bigger, no 120fps video, only 12 megapixel, macro not so good). So figured I would try this rx100 iii.

Very impressed with this camera so far with just a few short-falls. The high speed shooting is amazing with enough buffer to almost always catch the action. Images are a huge step above the lx-7 and at almost double the resolution.
- Great image and vid quality
- Nice lens
- EVF is amazing
- Camera is truly pocket-able
- Screen is nice, I dont miss the touch screen one bit like my gx7.
- Buttons are very customizable
- ND filter is very usable
- bracketing for hdr
- continuous shooting options work well.
- Timer with 5 shots
- Time lapse app (although for a camera in this price range, should be included)
- no lens cap !

Short falls:
- The 120fps video is a CROP. I cant believe nobody posted about this in reviews. So if you want wide angle slo-mo you are out of luck.
- new memory card was required for 120 fps video, no idea why, my lx-7 did it just fine with a 95 mb/s sd card.
- Macro function is not very good - better off leaving the camera in manual.
- Motion shot app works, but is not very crisp, better off doing it manually in photoshop.

What I miss from my lx-7
- simple menus
- 120 fps video
- 1cm macro

Pretty happy with the camera.
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Re: Sony RX100 III review - official thread!

Postby jonpetersen » Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:55 pm

Note about the time lapse app. Works with ISO Auto only. Major drawback. I hope they fix that. I wanted to set the camera up in time lapse to get some action shots. Because of this limitation, it just didnt work.

I hope they come out with a lumix lx-8 some day..
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