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Postby Gordon Laing » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:18 pm

Hello everyone, welcome to the Cameralabs forums!

We have a great community of friendly, like-minded members here who enjoy discussing photography in a civilised manner. Like all clubs and forums, we have rules of conduct which should be observed. Most of it is common sense, like being polite to fellow members and not posting anything deemed inappropriate. So far we've operated on unnofficial guidelines, but as the forum's grown, we now need a set of official rules. Please observe the following...

Conduct on the forum

The internet is packed with forums where rude and often aggressive behaviour is the norm. Cameralabs is not one of them. We encourage different opinions, but please keep all discussions civilised whether they’re on or off-topic. Bad language, rude or discourteous behaviour towards other members will not be tolerated. This includes trolling, flaming, name-calling or being deliberately antagonising.

Any members acting in this way will be warned once, and if it happens again, banned. Offending threads or posts will be locked or deleted. This equally applies to Private Messaging. The PM system is provided in good faith, and if we discover a member is using it to abuse others, they will be warned, then banned if it happens again.

We have a very friendly forum here with members who are supportive of each other including beginners or owners of different systems and we’d like to keep it that way.

So if you want a civilised discussion, welcome on-board. If you want an argument, please go elsewhere. Likewise, while we’re all passionate about the equipment we own and the brands we follow, we won’t tolerate anyone having a go at someone else because they chose to buy different models or a different brand.

Language and content

Cameralabs is a family-friendly website, so no swearing please! Likewise while we appreciate the artistic side of nudity, it’s not appropriate for this particular forum. So please do not post images with nudity or adult content. These will be removed and the member cautioned.

Got a question?

Great, that’s what the forum’s for! But before posting, please check to see if the subject has already been covered or is currently being discussed in another thread. If you’re buying a new camera, please also check our reviews and especially the verdict pages as these may already answer your questions.

If you see an existing thread that’s relevant to your question, please add to it, rather than starting a new one. Please also take a moment to familiarise yourself with our different forum sections and any guidelines within each before deciding which would be the most appropriate for you question. And finally, please only post your question once. Posting the same question in different sections leads to fragmented and inefficient use of resources and member’s time. Multiple questions will be locked or deleted.

Staying on-topic

The Cameralabs forum is a place to discuss photography and photographic equipment. So if you feel passionately about politics, religion or any other non-photography related subject, please find a different forum to discuss it! Our Off-topic section is also only for photography-related subjects which don’t fit into any of the other sections. If you need to chat about non-photography subjects, please use the Cameralabs Facebook group, or private messaging. Posts which go too far off-topic will be removed.

Linking to other sites

The web is packed with interesting information and members are of course welcome to post links to other sites and pages that are relevant to photography, although see the note on advertising below. Web publishing has however become a very competitive business with some camera sites actually blocking links to Cameralabs. While we do not censor or block any links to legitimate photography sites, we request members do not link to or promote those which act aggressively towards us. So before linking to another review website, please check if they support us.

Note to webmasters of legitimate blogs or other review sites: you’re welcome to post links to your own articles, but only if you’re willing to stick around and become (or have already become) an established member of our community. If you register to simply post a link and don’t intend to contribute further, it will be treated as spam and removed. Links to scraper sites will also be removed.

Advertising on the forum

The Cameralabs forum is for discussion, not advertising. If you own or work for a store, please do not register simply to post an advert for it or to include a link in a signature. First-time posters who do this without further comment or contribution will be treated as spammers, removed and banned.

If you’ve experienced good service from a store, then feel free to tell other members about it. But please don’t turn it into an advert with price lists and full contact details. Like most commercial websites, Cameralabs is funded by advertising and is subsequently free for you to visit. Advertising a store on the forum is not fair on those companies which actually fund the site and puts our business at risk. So if a post crosses the line and is perceived as advertising, it will be edited or removed.

Got something to sell?

Unfortunately for liability reasons we can’t allow members to sell any of their own gear on the forum. So sorry, no classified ads. If you have something to sell, please do it on eBay, Trademe or some other site which specialises in it!

Posting images

You’re welcome to post images in the Cameralabs forum, so long as they’re appropriate – so again, no nudity or adult content. To be considerate to those with lower bandwidth or lower resolution displays though, please keep all images to less than 1024 pixels wide; remember you can still link back to a page which has a larger version if you desire.


As a photography forum we are always delighted when members choose to share their work here. In doing so they do, of course, retain full copyright and that means that no member may repost other member's images, either in original or edited form, without the explicit permission of that member. Such permission may be given in the containing post or may be sought via PM. Any violation of another member's copyright will be viewed most seriously!

Signatures and avatars

A note on signatures and avatars. Both are allowed on the Cameralabs forums, but with restrictions. In consideration of those viewing the forum at lower resolutions, please keep avatars to no larger than 100 x 100 pixels, and your total signature height to 100 pixels (including text and images). Members using larger avatars or signature images will be contacted and asked to change them. Note: animated graphics can prove annoying or in some cases offensive, so we encourage static images and may request innappropriate images are removed or replaced Thin vertically scrolling info bars (such as ‘XXX camera owner’) are allowed in signatures though.

Linking to your own site or gallery in your signature is allowed, but only if it complies with the rules above. If the site contains inappropriate content or you’re linking to a scraper site, then it will be removed from your signature. As above, if you also register only to promote your site or store via a signature and do not intend to contribute as a member of this community, it will be treated as spam and removed.

Hey, where’s my post?!

Finally, our time and resources for moderating the forum are limited, so please understand we’re not always able to offer an explanation as to why a post has been removed or edited. The rules are here, so if a post breaks them, it will be edited or removed. Please also bear in mind any time spent moderating the forum is time which could have been spent helping members with legitimate questions or delivering more reviews. I know what we’d prefer to be doing!

Quoting in posts: some advice

Quoting a post directly preceding your post without focusing on any specific points that your predecessor made is not recommended as it only bloats your posts and makes the thread less readable for other visitors. If you refer to specific points or refer further back in the thread, quoting is an appropriate tool for reference. So please, use it wisely.

Thanks for your understanding,

Gordon Laing and the Cameralabs Moderators.
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