GF6 settings - continous shutter release

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GF6 settings - continous shutter release

Postby SteveHayward » Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:06 am

Hoping for some help just got a GF6 - my daughter wanted a camera for college - no cash the normal "Daddd" so I took advantage got a GF6 for myself (I did not want a massive leap as was very happy with the GF5 for what pictures I take - 90% family pics) and was going to letting her have the GF5.

So I went about setting the GF6 up in a similar way to my GF5 - a few more menu options to decide on but I cannot seem to get one thing to work on the GF6 that my GF5 has:-

On my GF5 I can hold down the shutter release and get multiple pictures, on the GF6 press and hold and single shot. I have searched the menus compared with the GF5 and cannot seem to enable it. I have used the Panoramic mode and that releases the shutter rapidly so no apparent shutter issue.

Bound to be something obvious, probably should have stayed with my GF 5 and got another, fatherly ego to blame or is that boys and toys!

Thanks in advance.

Issues sorted thanks - and extra downwards press on the ring control and then it can be made work.
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