fz1000 zoom controler lanc?

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fz1000 zoom controler lanc?

Postby halfpipe » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:42 pm

I'll admit right off that the last Panasonic item I bought was a microwave oven (1980) I know my bad
Since then I've bought and used at least a dozen "S" brand cameras and camcorders but I'm mightily tempted to pre-order a fz1000 for video. In fact if they were on the shelves at this moment, I probably would have one rather than asking questions, I could count it's teeth (never mind):)
I do have a question however regarding zoom controller. as 100% of my shooting is cam on tripod and panhandle which requires some sort of wired zoom controller either thru lanc, a/v in or usb. Do you panny gurus figure such will be accomadated on said cam?
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Re: fz1000 zoom controler lanc?

Postby Maestro » Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:50 am

My guess is that the wired remote will be for shutter release only. But wireless should offer zoom control. Would that work for you?


P.S. as an aside: you know this camera is huge, right? I realize you'll be using it on a tripod, so size won't be that critical, but just in case you haven't looked into it...

P.P.S. you realize that 4k video entails an additional ~50% crop, right? Given that the sensor is already on the border of being not-so-large, the additional crop takes it down to kinda small. (around 2/3 size) And the lens becomes a not-so-wide 37mm at its widest.
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