New camera Quandry

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New camera Quandry

Postby thepominlaw » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:00 pm

I am in a real quandry here, I currently use 2 panasonic cameras, the FZ150 and the LX3 i think both are great however i really miss the smooth images and depth of field my old DSLR gave me. A few months ago I borrowed a GF2 and I can honestly say they are the best quality photos I have taken in a long time. The LX3 is great but I have never been 100% with the FZ as far as IQ goes.

Its got me thinking, its my birthday soon and the wife as usual will be wanting to know what i want. I would love the G6 but that is well out of my price range, as such the G5 may be my best option. Here is my problem though, i need to sell one to pay for a G5 (plus birthday cash) or both for the G6. Would this be a wise move?

I keep a reef aquarium and the FZ does a good job up close with the Panasonic close up lens, any idea how the 14-42mm would cope up close? There is no way i would be able to afford a macro lens.

I suppose what i am trying to say is; is the macro any good with the standard lens of the G series, is the G6 that much better than the G5 (which is half its price), which camera do i sell, both have all the add on lenses (genuine panasonic ones - FZ telephotos, LX wideange) so that should help the resale value.

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Re: New camera Quandry

Postby Maestro » Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:52 am

Personally, I think it would be a mistake to try to upgrade to m4/3 on a budget. I also don't think it's fair to compare a kit lens to a ... more specialized lens.

Have you looked at upgrading to either or both of the current models of the cameras you already have? To start, both the FZ200 and LX7 have brighter lenses. While neither will get you as shallow DoF as you could get on a DSLR or even an m4/3 camera with a fast/bright lens, it could be close to what you'd get with Panasonic's 14-42mm kit lens, and it'd definitely be an improvement to what you have now.

Also, maybe your current attachments will work with the new models? - Mark
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