Canon 9000F / Medium format film scanner

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Canon 9000F / Medium format film scanner

Postby BrunoA » Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:33 am

Hi everybody,

I've been browsing through the web looking for a (cheapish) way to scan medium format film. I'm NOT looking for optimum quality (too expensive plus I can go to a decent lab for single high quality scans / prints) Instead, I'm looking for a way to get scans good enough for web use etc. So far, I'm having real trouble getting an "objective" view on the quality a "cheap" scanner like the canon 9000f can deliver. Reviews usually vary between "perfect" and "totally and utterly useless".

Is there anyone who owns such a scanner and could post or send me an image he scanned on it? I'd appreciate any links to example images made from such a scanner as well!


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