AMD X6 1st impressions

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Postby popo » Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:27 pm

Since the thread was bumped, I realise there's a lot I haven't updated.

The overclock to 3500 MHz at below stock voltage was stable and is what I'm running it at currently.

I did push a little more to see how far I can go, and stopped at 4 GHz at 1.4V. Maybe I could have gone further but I had seen enough as power and heat was building up rapidly at this stage.

I had a non-activated Win7 install put on for initial testing, with the intent of switching to Ubuntu for long term running. That hit a brick wall as for some reason it refuses to see SATA hard disks. Windows has no problem. Even trying to revert to a PATA hard disk didn't work. It saw it, but the performance was horrific. I suspect out of the box Ubuntu doesn't like the AMD chipset and I don't fancy spending more time finding out how to fix it. Got XP installing now and sacrificing 64-bit mode... does that even support 6 cores?
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