Displaying your photos for the public

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Displaying your photos for the public

Postby richie_lyons » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:37 am

Hi guys,

Recently I spoke to my local barber who owns a little barber shop right in the heart of Manly next to all the trendy cafes (he knows all the locals and is a pretty likeable guy). As I get along with him well, I asked him if I he is interested in local photography and he said yes, I asked him if he was open to me displaying 3 pieces on a blank white wall he has in his barber. I showed him some photos on my iphone, and he picked a couple he liked. I have since dropped off some small prints (of the 3 that he liked) and another 10 or so other local photos so he could let me know which ones he would like to display.

I saw a couple of threads a while back and it seems a few of the members of this forum have tried this approach. So I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping to get some feedback or guidance:

1) How important is framing? The wall where my photos will be displayed is a cream/white colour, they will be displayed above the 3 mirrors basically so the customers waiting will be able to see them. At the moment, I'm considering 3 x 50cm x 40cm prints in white boxed frames with thick white borders (so the frame itself is quite bit bigger than the 50cm x 40cm dimensions). Do you think it really matters?

2) Branding, I have attached the 3 photos below. The photos the barber has selected are all Manly photos, he is more than happy for me to keep my [ fresh ] branding, but I don't really like the idea of that, so I was thinking of having 3 non-watermarked photos, but with a smaller white boxed frame below the middle frame which just has my logo [ fresh ]. He was happy for me to leave contact details or business cards in case any of his customers are interested in knowing more about the photographer or wanting to see more of the photos.

How do you guys tackle this? Do you leave business cards etc? To be honest, this is the first time I have approached a business and I only did it because I really want to see how much interest the photos may create with local manly residents. Obviously if I get interest, I'm happy to sell the occasional print or provide other photos for people to view, but really I just want to see if it does gauge a genuine interest from the public to see if they like my approach.

The photos the barber has selected are below, please let me know your thoughts.


IMG_2012_07_08_02276 by photographyisfresh, on Flickr

IMG_2012_05_20_01991 by photographyisfresh, on Flickr

IMG_2012_05_20_01877 by photographyisfresh, on Flickr
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