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Postby Kenneth Skou » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:06 am

Hi KevinM,

A few additional comments:

1) Assuming that your business card is typical business card size, the photographic elements are a little too small to really come across.
2) The back side "scan it. get it" and the graphics do not strike me as being a very clear message - personally I don't understand it. Do you shoot film and scan the negatives? Your 7D reference suggests that you do scan what and get what?
3) Your font appears to have a sliver-thin white edge. I have a suspicion that it will not come out very clearly on print...and the same can be said about the sophisticated texture on your film-strip.
4) Portraits are spelled incorrectly on your portfolio page
5) You mention "fine art" in your "about me" section. While that may be an elusive concept to exhaustively define, I do think your images as a whole do not scream "fine art". Don't get me wrong - several lovely shots there - but "fine art" is not the label I would put on them. Please note that "fine art" is not necessarily a "quality seal" and I'm not saying that your images "aren't good enough to be fine art" - I'm saying that the style isn't "fine art" :-) as far as I can see.
6) For goodness sake Kevin - get a better portrait of yourself on that page!! What's with the parked cars and the tilted head...completely centered, blown out sky... The image of you has to be approachability, passion, fun, focus etc. etc. you catch my drift here :-)
7) "Favorite camera" what's that for? And your occupation is not "photographer" it's "college student"...don't contradict yourself on such a short page.

OK, you didn't ask for a review of your website but your business card. I was just carried there. My suggestion is that you apply a higher standard for the images you put on the page, as you migrate from the college student and into your ambition to become a photographer by occupation. A couple of the animal pics..."centered ass of a tiger" (paraphrased) and "out-of-focus distant Komodo-dragon behind some bushes" (also paraphrased) and some others, shouldn't be there either.

There are generally two approaches for showcasing a portfolio:
1) Showing the best of the best
2) Showing the results of a typical shoot

Regardless of which approach you take, the images should "pop".

You did say you are far from done and I know I'm not looking at the final result, so if I I'm needlessly harping on what is already obvious to you, then I apologize for being Cpt Obvious :-)

Looking forward to seeing revised versions if you are willing to share.

Cheers :-)
Kenneth Skou

Postby KevinM » Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:45 am


ok wow thank that was read and very interesting
#1 so maybe eliminating 2 images? would u think that would help

#2 the image is a QR code it a newer technology basically a barcode with all the info on the card that can be scanned by almost any smart phone.i would be happy to make a video on how to make one and how they are used if you like.

#3 i dont really see the white sliver-thin edge on the text would u suggest a change of text.

#4 Thank you for catching that

#5 I uploaded the wrong about me file thanks again(fixed now)

#6 I find it hard to take a photo of my self I thin I going to ask a classmate to help me on this

#7 that was again the wrong page uploaded it should have just said camera (fixed now)

i thought i was funny because i was actually working on my site when i got the email about your post i was looking at some of those photos and wasn't pleased and realized i probably had to many of the same thing thank so much for your help i will defiantly keep cameralabs involved in my work and progress
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Postby WestCoast » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:14 am

Here is a site of a member from another forum that I frequent.
He's about your age, so maybe shoot for that standard.
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Postby Kenneth Skou » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:16 am

Hi Kevin,

Haha...I am officially guilty of being old then. Have never even heard of such a QR code and I'm an IT professional working for the largest IT consulting firm on this planet and with the largest friggin' telecom in Western Thanks for that wake-up call!! In my defense, I work with wireline I also refuse to carry a cell-phone, CrackBerry or any other mobile device for that If it's universally known among the cell-phone user communities, then you can ignore me as a dinosaur

For the graphical elements on your business card, I suggest that you view it as close to "real life size" on your monitor to better appreciate how the images will turn out. Stealing a concept from Ken Rockwell, the SEX principle can apply: Simplify & EXclude. Think of it as way of questioning yourself about what is important and what is not. Is the texture relevant for your style or the message you convey? Why do more miniature images work better than one killer shot you can see better?

You're right - I magnified your graphics to look closer at the font. It's not a white's an optical effect of having this black on a gray gradient background. Or, possibly the anti-aliasing. If it looks good on a test print, please ignore my comments and accept my apologies :-)

Kenneth Skou

Postby Citruspers » Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:43 pm

In your defense, QR codes never really took off (with most phones having excellent (onscreen) keyboards), there was no need to take a picture of a code to enter the URL.
I take pictures so quickly, my highschool was "Continuous High".
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