Buying a 10 Megapixel DSLR?

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Postby Cagey75 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:33 am

I've been reading and watching review after review, comparisons, pros + cons etc ... I'm desperate for a dslr, I've been using a bridge cam [fuji s1000fd] since last summer. I bought it to get to grips with simple manual controls, and now I feel I've out-grown it. Time to move on.

I really enjoy Gordon's reviews [must have watched 100s by now!] as he doesn't BS, just gets to the point.

I've been searching the used cam sites, as I cannot afford to buy new [would dearly love a D90] as I'm out of work through injury [had an operation last year]. I hope some day to make a few bob out of this photography lark, but happy for now to just pursue it as a hobby. it gets me out and about :)

I lost out on a Sony A200 recently, which saddened me, as I'd been reading up on it for weeks and watching the clips over and over. In the end, the seller got impatient with me because I was desperately trying to come up with the funds and hold him off until I had enough.

Since I've put my Xbox up for sale [a sacrifice I'm willing to make for a new camera] - I have had an offer for trade on an Olympus E410 [xbox [plus cash for it]

It's an outdated cam by today's standards but would you recommend it for a first dslr? for someone used to a bridge cam? Is it faster, better quality, better range of options etc ...

I know this is an old thread, but it's my first post and wasn't sure where to stick it :)

Postby jwnrw » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:38 pm

The Nikon D40 is still the yard arm for a budget DSLR. They can be had fairly reasonably in the used marketplace. Just be sure to check out the shutter count before you spring. Typical shutter life is roughly 100,000 shots. You think that's alot of pictures, until you start taking lots of pictures. :D

Postby Citruspers » Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:43 pm

To elaborate: 100.000 is the rated minimum by Nikon. It's not like your camera blows up when you hit 100.001 shutter cycles ;)
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Postby Cagey75 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:29 am

I've also been eying up old canon 30ds, nice looking cam, nice and chunky. But I got a little worried when I seen numerous 30d error clips on youtube!

The image quality I've seen from this cam surpasses [at least, online] most of the modern dslrs. But is it a dud of a camera? were failures very common? or are the ones I see failing past that 100k shutter count?

As I'll be buying used, this is a big worry, maybe I should avoid much older models? regardless of how good they seem.

Postby Citruspers » Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:43 pm

I checked it out on youtube, and to put things into correct perspective:

30d error yields 5 videos.
40d error yields 20 (!)
50D error yields 9.

I know some people with one of those cameras, and never heard them about it. I don't know it's really something to worry about it, just test the camera before you buy it. Also, a shutter replacement isn't too expensive (200 bucks, I think, and canon will service your camera too?)
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Postby Cagey75 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:31 pm

You'd know if it was faulty soon as you switch it on right? When i do finally decide and scrape the funds together, I'll be sure to check everything out in person before handing any cash over :wink:

Buying a new camera

Postby MrGuazzaura » Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:52 am

Hello ,
I'm 16 years old and I'm currently using a canon powershot that has 8 megapixel. I really like this camera because it's quite professional i think and i really enjoy taking pictures with it !! at first I only used auto mode but after a couple of years, and after using my aunt's camera (she is a professional phographer), I started using AV,TV and even M mode, and I have to say that the photos that I made were really great, and I was really proud of my self !!! This summer I will work during the holidays and I am going to earn approximately 900-950€ so I really would like to buy a super new camera, but I need your help !!!!
I'm not a pro so I don't actually want something to complicated ( they told me that canon EOS are really tricky and Nikon d3000 and d5000 are easier to use). The important things that I would like to have on my camera are :
-good lenses
-at least 12 megapixel
-a fast shutting speed
-a lot of different photo modes that allow me to be artistic and creative, and to have fun !!!
thank you so much and I really like this website it is so interesting !!!
ps sorry for my terrible English , I'm italian !!!

Postby Ruben123 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:17 pm

Im 15:P and I read ''at least 12 mp''. Okay, you really dont need that ammount as starter. The IQ of an 4mp DSLR (p.e. 1d of 2004) could be much better than an 14mp (p.e.) p&s.
Id say, for the money a Sony is a good starter (A230, or A380) they got built in is, which makes the lenses cheaper, there's also a big used-market because older minolta lenses also fit on them. Nikon cams (such as D3000 or D5000) are aimed at beginners. They got a simple users interface and descent IQ. When looking at Canon, try the 450d. A bit outdatet and because of that very cheap (BUT NOT BAD!).

For what will you use the cam?
Sport, landscape, macro, Astro?

Edit: when buying a DSLR you wont using the scenery modes. Those are for people who want a DSLR for ''look me, Ive got a DSLR!'' not for peolpe who want to be creative....

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Postby Citruspers » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:34 pm

I would't say canons are tricky to use, I'm used to Nikon and I just can't figure out how the canons work. But if you start out with canon i'm sure it's fine.
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Postby Lankisher » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:31 am

I've probably just posted something more relevant to this thread in the 'introduce yourself' section. Brb...copy & paste time.

Postby Lankisher » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:35 am

I'm about ready to purchase my first DSLR but I'm not sure which direction to take. I've gathered opinion from people with more knowledge than I, and as very much an amateur, have taken on board what the more experienced people have told me.

"Stay away from any Nikon, Pentax or Sony purely because the add-ons are so expensive when you're just starting out - stick to Canon" is the popular cry from the 'experts'. So I've had a little look around and read/watched various reviews and almost come to a decision on the Canon 1000D with twin lens kit (just a shade over £430 with my 10% discount for Argos), but I'm wondering what other people think of that particular camera, and if anyone can point me in another direction, I'll be more than willing to explore the avenues they show me. The Olympus E-420 and the Sony A200 were options, but I'm apprehensive due to the expense. I'm looking for something in the £500 range, but I like the idea of getting a long-range lens included as well as the standard 18-55mm lens, it seems like a decent deal to me, but I'm not arrogant enough to bust a £400-odd nut all over just yet. Teach me! :? :oops: :?:

new camera !!!

Postby MrGuazzaura » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:04 pm

so now i'm confused !!!!!

Postby Citruspers » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:43 pm

The 1000D is a fine camera, but the whole thing about Nikon etc. being expensive with accesories is bullocks.

Rule of thumb: EVERYTHING in photography is overpriced. Look up Sto-Fen products if you need an example. It's just a plastic piece, and costs 30 dollars! What the? :evil:
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Postby kevin36thi » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:06 am

I have a bit of a dilema but I don't want to start a new thread as it's my first post so I thought I'll just post it here first.

At the moment I can get my hands on:

Nikon D60 Kit for £300
Nikon D3000 Kit for £300
Canon 1000D Kit for £300
Sony A200 Kit for £250
Nikon D40 + 18-55mm VR Lens for £275

This will be my first DSLR camera but I don't mind it being too advanced as I'll soon adapt to it so user interface isn't a problem.

Just a couple of things which are making me indecisive.

The Nikon D60 is basically the D40 with several improvements but bundled with a VR lens which is quite useful. It is also 10 megapixels which is good just incase I want to blow up a bigger picture.

The Nikon D3000 is an upgrade from the D60 and features better 7 point AF system instead of D60's 3 point AF system. The main highlight is the new simple user interface which I won't be touching but the main concern is that it comes with a better AF system and the same VR lens.

Canon 1000D has a IS lens included with it and also features live view which can come useful but I'm not too bothered without live view as there was nothing wrong with taking images the professional way. The Canon 1000D is said to be less user friendly but produce a little nicer images...But I'm not to sure.

The Sony A200 is older and there is the A230 but I don't like the grip which is why I prefer the A200 which is also cheaper. The good thing about the A200 is the built in stabiliser and also you can't see the stabiliser working, having it built in will mean that it'll benefit all lens such as the Sony Alpha lenses and the Minolta lenses which sound pretty awesome.

The D40 + 18-55mm VR lens only has 6 megapixels so if I needed to blow up a big image every now a then I couldn't but the DSLR is said to be the best budget DSLR. Especially with the VR lens you'll get the best of both worlds for about £25 less than the D60...But is that £25 worth it?

All prices are from eBay and I can't seem to find anywhere else to look for DLSRs at an affordable price. If there are any better sites please let me know.

My budget is £300 and all recommendations are welcome.


Postby Citruspers » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:28 am

Welcome to the forums!

It's generally actually more polite to start your own topic, than to "hijack" another topic. On the other hand, if the question is the same the whole situation might change. I'm sure on of our mods will split the thread if thye want to :)

Me being a Nikon guy, I'd say your 2 contenders are the D60 and the D3000. The D60 is essentially the previous version of the D3000, so if you can get either for the same price I'd get the D3000. However, I think the D60 is a bit larger, so if you have big hands the D60 might be the way to go.

The D3000 has a gorgeous screen, which is nice to have, and the AF is indeed improved with more points. I think the accuracy is still the same.

If I were you I'd hold both cams, see which you like best in your hands. I'm sure some others will pitch in about the Canon and Sony :)
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