which panasonic DOSNT have an AA filter??

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which panasonic DOSNT have an AA filter??

Postby contrast » Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:35 pm

8) I would buy a Leica Monochrome but there is a problem,the price :shock:

I would buy a Fuji as it hasnt got an AA filter .....and it makes great images,once its focused ....but its a large brick.

Panasonic make great cameras but im told the GX7 HAS an AA filter??Is there one without???

WHY wont sony,panasonic even Fuji make a monochrome camera ???Im sure it would sell well enough say the GX7 or GM5 or A7 priced under 999€ or full frame 1999€

For sometime ive been using a Leica Monochrome with 15mm voigtlander,but buying film can be difficult ive found several shops selling out of date stock or film stocked on a shelf behind a window in the sun :roll: and i would like to change from a 111f red dial built 1954 to a digital cam at an afordable price
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Re: which panasonic DOSNT have an AA filter??

Postby Bob Andersson » Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:08 pm

I'm confused but that's easy to do. :lol: The Fujifilm X-T1 isn't much different in size from the Leica Monochrom is it?

I take your point about the lack of dedicated monochrome cameras but I guess it's only Leica, with its low volume high mark-up marketing, that can do that these days. One case where "digital" is definitely less flexible than film.

Getting a 15mm equivalent FoV might be a challenge on some systems as well if you want to out-resolve the sensor.

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Re: which panasonic DOSNT have an AA filter??

Postby contrast » Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:48 pm

That is true 8)

But Fuji ....i dont want another OM2...style body

If i had never found film id be good with my NEX6...As it is i use my NEX 5N with Leica objectifs and Leica (111F ) with Vogtlander :shock: as i don't have an M to 39mm screw adapter

Film is often far better than digital given that neither has anti tremble :?

When will we find GX7s with stripped sensors and p2p Leica software :shock:
GX7 i think is the only camera with anti tremble in body
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