Best budget DSLR/ Mirrorless with clear video quality ~$400

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Best budget DSLR/ Mirrorless for video at ~$400?

Nikon D3300
Canon SL1
Canon EOS M/ M2
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Best budget DSLR/ Mirrorless with clear video quality ~$400

Postby 5hifty » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:47 am

Looking to purchase a budget DSLR/ Mirrorless with clear Video quality. Price of body with kit lens no more then $400. Been looking at the Nikon D3300, Canon SL1, and the Canon EOS M. Something better to recommend's most welcome!!!

Background of interest:
I enjoy shooting video. Photos are of course welcome to the same specs: Good low light without heavy grain, and good autofocus all round (especially in lower lighting). The Camera NEEDS a mic input, needs a shoe mount, 24p is all I need with 1080p, high bitrates for less compression in video file. Yet again, clarity, Auto focus would be nice with quiet lens motors that don't interfere with any external mics.

The Nikon D3300 has been compared to the SL1 with a lot of review sites. Though, the D3300 spanks in terms of photo quality everytime. Their video modes/ options are limited unfortunately... Nobody really goes into the video quality of the D3300 unless they talk about its 60p option. I don't how well the video quality is compared to the Canons..... I'd love to get a Nikon for their superior image qualities I just hear nobody using them for filming.... I've always been a Canon guy for that reason alone. The expanded options for video. The SLRs in Canons Rebel range haven't updated their sensors for over 4 years now, and every video I see online for its video quality testing looks compressed/ muddy. I understand Youtube, and Vimeo compress the video when uploaded. Tho, when I can see raw video its unparalleled in sharpness (tho has bad moire/ aliasing). A lot of individuals have praised the EOS M for its extreme budget/ performance quality since it's basically a T5i in a compact mirrorless form. I also like the fact you can buy an adapter lens to fit regular canon lens'.

-Video options
-clear video
-high bitrate
-External mic
-Good low light
-Less then $400!!!

Opinions please most welcome and thanks!
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Re: Best budget DSLR/ Mirrorless with clear video quality ~$

Postby Rorschach » Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:20 pm

Welcome aboard, 5hifty.

I know this may sound defeatist with you being new to the forums but my opinions on this come from experience of using CSCs and DSLRs from the lower end of the market so I apologise if what I say comes across as harsh.

For clear video quality at that price, I think you need to set realistic expectations, especially when looking at low light video work since the two things you're looking for tend to be mutually exclusive.

You would probably only get the kit lens (with the body) at that price, which isn't an especially fast one, particularly if you zoom in. In low light, your autofocus will suffer since you may not have adequate contrast to autofocus quickly and accurately so you may have to ramp up your ISO to compensate for the low light but this will of course compromise the quality of the video - past ISO 400/800, grain will be noticeable. If you look around enough, you could get an LED video light for $20-30 but it'd only be so bright for that money. With that said, it ought to help improve the quality since you wouldn't necessarily have to increase the ISO as much depending on how far you have the light from the subject.

I think it's standard when buying it as a boxed bundle but if you go down the route of the Canon SL1, I suggest ensuring that the STM version of the 18-55mm lens is included. The older generation 18-55mm kit lens uses the DC motors which are both slow to focus and noisy so if you see a deal for a used SL1 with a lens, it's probably worth clarifying which version of the 18-55mm lens is included.
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