How much should you pay for a used analog Hasselblad?

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How much should you pay for a used analog Hasselblad?

Postby michael_g » Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:27 pm

I've seen on ebay that there are lots of hasselblad 500 for sale, but how much should you pay and is it worth the money?
They say its excellent quality even used, but some things do break.
People I know say that the larger format is better quality images and people tend to hang on to them for a lifetime. And I love that old school about everything is manual.
But I'm a bit skeptical about buying on used stuff, especially on ebay where I don't ever meet the seller and I have no idea about quality or how much it costs.

So is it worth getting into medium format?
How much should I pay for a used hasselblad?
Anyone who use them here??
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