Going to Hong Kong/Macau this November

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Going to Hong Kong/Macau this November

Postby SCREAMnSHOUT » Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:56 am

I haven't been to HK before so I was wondering what I could look out for, and what other tips the forum members could share.

Another thing: street photography might be...less attractive to me because of the world-renowned negative behaviour of locals upon realising they are being photographed without permission.

Edit: I think the only equipment I will have is my A200, 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 and 75-300mm f4.5-5.6 lenses as well as possibly a Nikon tripod, a cheap polariser, and maybe a battery grip.

SnS 8)

Postby Jszab » Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:29 pm

Well Hope you have a great time going there!
I think the gear you have is perfect but a battery grip etc.
what you stated is also good :D


Postby ChinaMark » Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:03 am

I would definitely recommend Victoria Peak in daytime & nighttime for the view across the harbour. The laser show viewed from the Avenue of Stars is good. Disneyland & Ocean Park are fun. The giant Buddha on Lantau Island is pretty amazing.

Street photography in HK is fine. The entire population have cameras and people take pics left, right and centre.

Have fun!

visiting HK

Postby otto uberswengen » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:13 am

You've touched on my pet subject...ie; visiting Hong Kong with your camera. You could spend YEARS photographing HK and surrounds...
check pBase.com
Many people DO!
Locals are not unfriendly towards being photographed
or photographers in general.
Most have a camera or two or three, as well as make a living by selling something photographic to anyone interested!
Depends where you are camped...obviously near the Harbour is a BIG plus as you could spend DAYS just walking around with thousands of
interesting photo-opportunities...
I tend to favour the Kowloon side, as you can photograph the HK side!...
The Peak is a MUST...
also...even without going into any of the side streets you'll be busy!...but if you do, for example, go to the Temple Street markets
or Mongkok(just up the road and within walking distance) you will also find the World's best photographic stocks, ready to be adopted by you!
Check out the overall prices through ygdragon.net
before you wonder into a shop...have a specific item/idea what you want
and go to 4-5 shops on the day to check the prices for THAT day...you WILL save lots...the trick is to know what the bottom-line price is
which the LOCALS pay...this is pretty much immovable from an Official
(proper) Source.[they'll give "extras" to sweeten the deal...like bigger memory card etc...]
OK places to go might be Lamma Is, Lantau Is, Macau and even into China itself, by checking the Travel Agencies in Mongkok and join a troupe..fantastic VALUE there if it suits your style and budget.
I love it...just go walking/shopping till you drop...and don't forget to give your body some food at around 11.30pm before hitting the shops AGAIN!
I love it because you're seeing the
Importantly, you need a reasonable place that is affordable and close to the action...(TST/Harbour Front) though beware of rip-off artists...KNOW your products...ask directly for example, if a camera/lens is official or "grey" imports...GI's are NOT supported by the official importers and do NOT carry a guarentee...which is why they are CHEAPER...it's a good business if you are a local and willing to take the risk...as you save money by buying this way...if you are a visitor...walk the other way!
(I go to only the Official distributors)
Check the web to see which (camera) shops are well regarded and honest...can't go wrong with Wing Shing or Man Shing at Mongkok...
Infact, unless you have specific needs which they don't have...just buy from these two places...
Do NOT walk into a camera shop in TST....as they are where the sharks feed.
Tin Cheung Camera Co. is OK...
anyway, take lots of money with you....have FUN around the clock!
Lastly, get a subway/MTR Pass...works for EVERTHING including buying
a meal! Bus travel is also excellent as you see more...everything is very clean..since SARS some years ago...they've really cleaned up their act...
be prepared to eat beautifully and put on a little weight as well...!
best wishes,
otto uberswengen

Postby Ringo R » Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:24 am

Thank you Otto for the informative reply. I will hopefully make a trip to HK during Christmas and look forward to taking lots of photos and perhaps buy a lens... or two :)
Ringo R

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