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PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:46 am
by Thomas
Hi Zorro,
1. Just think of the effect that you can look into the water of a lake with a polarizer. You could never retrieve the information from a photo made without a pol-filter.
2. Your pic from the blue bar/restaurant seems quite subdued although obviously the sun is shining bright. Did you underexpose willingly/accidentally or did you do some postprocessing?
3. Don't believe everything that you read at wikipedia. I found glaring errors in an article on optics...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:33 pm
by planetpeckham
Great stuff Zorro!

C'mon, you're working for the Corsican tourist board aren't you? :wink:

It looks and sounds beautiful, I can relate to the uncommercialised feeling - in fact the pic of the 'Le Chalet' looks like it could have come right out of Cuba!

I really like the colours in the harbour shot (bottom left of group of six). In fact I really like this pic, period! Did you tweak this one after the event - if so - how?

Also, you've done well to get the frazzeled tree to follow in the line of background mountains, excellent!


PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:05 pm
by zorro
Thanks very much! I really appreciate folks comments.

I am quite proud of the 'blue' harbour. Actually in that one I used my 10-step plan to achieve greatness.

01. Find a nice table.

02. Order beer.

03. Order food.

04. Order more beer.

05. Mistake myself for Ansel Adams and come over all 'creative'.

06. Yup, you guessed it.

07. Suddenly realize that a battery grip isn't conducive to table-top photography.

08. Balance camera on a precarious combination of my ever-thinning wallet & a packet of fags.

09. Set a way too long exposure of 3 or 4 seconds and wait.

10. Buy more drink and put camera safely out of harms way.

Voila! (See, I even picked up the lingo).


PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:12 pm
by Thomas
Was it the fags or the beer that worked for you?
I need to know, because I'm a non-smoker :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:33 pm
by zorro
It was the beer mate, always the beer.

It's important to know when to stop though, harbours not being the best place to be drunk in charge of a Nikon.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:40 pm
by Thomas
Drink enough beer, and you don't feel the pain - when they mug you :roll: